4 ways you can add personalisation to my handmade recycled solid gold Jewellery

4 ways you can add personalisation to my handmade recycled solid gold Jewellery

One of the great parts of making solid gold recycled jewellery by hand is the opportunity to customise my jewellery designs specifically for my customers. Sharing sad, funny and unique experiences and paying tribute to them forever in a piece of handmade gold jewellery is really unique and an honor for me!

1. Stamping your gold Jewellery with letters, numbers and symbols

I use metal stamps that indent directly into the recycled gold and leave an impression. This give the finished piece of solid gold Jewellery a truly handmade look as each letter is individually positioned. It can be pretty tricky to get the letters in exactly the right position especially if the word needs to curve around a hoop. I need at least a 2mm width on a piece of flat Jewellery as although small the letters need space around them. All my handmade solid recycled gold jewellery has a unique charm when customised and personalised in this way!

2. Professionally engraving your gold Jewellery with quotes, names & dates

I use an expert engraver to personalise and add any words, names, dates or quotes to the inside of rings. This allows a huge option of text tyles, sizes and fonts. This professional service can also be added to most of my other Jewellery (as long as there is enough space!) and prices start from around £50.

3. Representing numbers that are special and have meaning to you with hoops and links

I make a huge amount of solid recycled gold Jewellery that includes much more subtle personalisational often with number of hoops representing a significant or special number. For example, I often make a 3 hoop interlocking solid gold bracelet for 3 sisters or add a number of hammered handmade solid gold hoops to represent the number of children a family has.

4. Adding your precious gem birthstone 

Solid gold handmade birthstone jewellery is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate important people, dates or starsigns. Each 9ct gold gemstone setting and semi precious or precious gemstone can represent a birth, lost loved one, couple or family.

Get an idea? Get in touch!

I love to hear your individual stories and memories on why you have chosen to buy my solid gold handmade necklaces and pendants.

If you have an idea for a handmade recycled solid gold necklace, pendant, earrings or ring with a unique personal touch please just get in touch: sian@sianelizabethhughes.co.uk


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