About Sian Elizabeth Hughes

I have always been involved in the jewellery whether making and selling my work in the V&A gallery museum shop or teaching young mums silver fingerprint jewellery.

 My first memory of jewellery is helping my mum and godmother sell beaded earrings they had made at a car boot sale in the 1990’s. I remember it as wildly sucessful but my mum has since said they didn’t sell anything! 

 I made my first piece of silver jewellery at 16 and then I went to uni at The School of Jewellery in Birmingham.

 Working in gold is my favourite as there are so many different tones and colours according to the carat of the gold. I love making heavily textured gold rings, the more texture the better. I also enjoy making really simple components and hammering them to bring the design to life.

 Making jewellery from scratch gives me an immense sense of joy and creative freedom. Using my hands everyday to make jewellery is part of a mindful approach to life.

 My favourite ever project was in 2020 when I started making a personalised star necklace and donating all the profits to the charity Mummy’s star. Mummy's Star are a charity providing cancer support in or around pregnancy. Helping families through birth, loss and with the beyond and have helped my own family. I’ve raised over £3000 for the charity and I know every penny will benefit a family directly.

 Whenever I design or make anything new I always go through all emotions in all extremes. I believe the more creative I am on a day to day basis the more creative I will become. I must have 10-20 different designs on the go at once in various different stages of completion.

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