The naughtiest personalised custom handmade bangle & earrings

The naughtiest personalised custom handmade bangle & earrings

This has to be my favourite commission of my handmade sterling silver jewellery so far this year!

These cufflinks and bangle were to celebrate 40 years of marriage with a little tongue in cheek message! The 0 was replaced with Rubies as 40 years of marriage is a Ruby wedding anniversary.

40 f*cking years is pretty impressive!

Using metal stamps I add words and numbers to sterling silver. This involves a detailed and precise process that ensures each letter or symbol is perfectly imprinted on the metal surface.

Here's how it's done:

  1. Preparation: I begin by selecting a clean and smooth piece of sterling silver. Ensuring it is free from any dirt or oils which can interfere with the stamping process.
  2. Tools Selection: I use high-quality metal stamps designed specifically for sterling silver. These stamps come in various fonts and sizes, allowing for customisation of the text.
  3. Marking: I use a ruler and a non-permanent marker to lightly mark guidelines on the silver piece. These guidelines ensure that the text is aligned correctly though never perfectly!
  4. Securing: Placing the silver piece on a steel bench block provides a solid surface. I secure the piece with tape to prevent any movement.
  5. Stamping: Positioning the stamp on the silver, I then ensure that it is perpendicular to the surface. I then use a heavy hammer, to strike the top of the stamp firmly. It's important to strike evenly to get a clear and consistent imprint.
  6. Polishing: After I have stamped all the desired letters or words are stamped, I polish the silver to remove any marker guidelines and to enhance the clarity of the stamped text. I use a polishing cloth or a tumbler for best results.

This process requires patience and practice, but with careful execution, it can create beautifully personalised pieces of sterling silver jewellery or items.

If you have a special wedding anniversary coming up or an idea for a cheeky quote on my handmade hammered jewellery just get in touch:

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