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Solid 9ct gold birthstone double hoop gemstone pendant, handmade hammered textured necklace

Solid 9ct gold birthstone double hoop gemstone pendant, handmade hammered textured necklace

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Recycled gold jewellery

All of my handmade jewellery uses recycled solid gold and sterling silver. For more information click here to see my latest journal post.

Celebrate a birth, anniversary or special birthday with this solid gold handmade simple geometric double hoop circle hammered pendant.

A stylish modern solid gold pendant on a solid gold trace chain with your choice of semi precious and precious gemstones, a stunning pendant that is contemporary and beautiful and handmade by me! 16 inches,18 inches or 20 inches solid gold chain. Celebrate your special birthday or the month of an important person or event by wearing it everyday.

Each solid gold hoop is hammered and 9-10mm in diameter and the larger hoop is 14-16mm in diameter. Each stone is 3 mm in diameter. These birthstone pendants are dainty and delicate! For different sizes or larger stones please get in touch.

Solid 9ct gold hoop birthday gemstone necklace, a handmade hammered and textured gold circle pendant on a gold chain that celebrates a birthday or special moment, modern contemporary round necklace.

* FREE POSTAGE TO THE UK* All measurements are approximate. Every pair of earrings and cufflinks are individually made so are not identical or a duplicate but are complimentary partners. Every piece is made by hand and so will feature ‘imperfections’ that are a sign they have been hand crafted and truly unique. All of my jewellery makes an ideal gift and is lovingly wrapped in a box or gift bag ready for the recipient. The gift wrapping in the photo is representative of how your jewellery will be presented. I only ever purchase small amounts of packing material so time to time it may change according to what is available. I’m not an advocate of unnecessary packaging so try to use recyclable materials as much as possible. 

Solid gold handmade birthstone jewellery is a beautiful and unique way to celebrate important people, dates or starsigns. Each 9ct gold gemstone setting and semi precious or precious gemstone can represent a birth, lost loved one, couple or family. Your 9ct solid gold necklace or pendant is individually made by me in my workshop and a special way to represent and remember important people in your life.

Gold birth stone jewellery is a sentimental keepsake and future heirloom. I love to hear your individual stories and memories on why you have chosen to buy my solid gold handmade necklaces and pendants.

In the UK, each month of the year is traditionally associated with a specific gemstone. There are often a few different gemstones associated with different months. These gemstones are believed to possess unique qualities and properties that correspond with the traits of the people born in that month. I’ve put together the gemstones that I associate with each month but if you’d like a different gemstone just get in touch.

As gemstones are a naturally formed the colours may vary.

January: Garnet
The gemstone for January is garnet, which is believed to bring peace, prosperity, and good health to the wearer. Garnet is a deep red gemstone that symbolizes loyalty and friendship, making it a popular gift for loved ones.
February: Amethyst
Amethyst is the gemstone for February and is said to enhance intuition, creativity, and spiritual awareness. The purple hue of amethyst is associated with royalty and luxury, making it a popular choice for jewellery.
March: Aquamarine
The gemstone for March is aquamarine, which is said to promote harmony and balance in life. Aquamarine is a pale blue-green gemstone that symbolises purity and serenity, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and other special occasions.
April: Moissanite/Diamond
The gemstone for April is the diamond, which is considered the most precious and valuable gemstone in the world. Diamonds symbolise love and fidelity, making them the perfect choice for engagement rings and other romantic gifts. An affordable alternative for diamond is Moissanite. If you would like a diamond please get in touch.
May: Emerald
Emerald is the gemstone for May and is said to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer. The deep green colour of emerald is associated with nature and growth, making it a popular choice for those who value the environment.
June: Pearl
The gemstone for June is the pearl, which is associated with purity, innocence, and femininity. Pearls are unique in that they are formed inside living organisms, making them a popular choice for those who appreciate the beauty of nature.
July: Ruby
The gemstone for July is ruby, which is said to bring passion, courage, and vitality to the wearer. Ruby is a deep red gemstone that symbolizes love and power, making it a popular choice for engagement rings and other special occasions.
August: Peridot
Peridot is the gemstone for August and is said to bring good luck and protection to the wearer. The bright green colour of peridot is associated with growth and renewal, making it a popular choice for those who seek to improve their lives.
September: Sapphire
The gemstone for September is sapphire, which is said to bring wisdom, truth, and prosperity to the wearer. The deep blue colour of sapphire is associated with the sky and the ocean, making it a popular choice for those who love the outdoors.
October: Opal
Opal is the gemstone for October and is said to enhance creativity, imagination, and spontaneity. Opals are unique in that they exhibit a wide range of colours, making them a popular choice for those who value individuality and self-expression. Fire Opals are a brilliant bright orange colour.
November: Citrine
The gemstone for November is Citrine, which is said to bring strength, courage, and wisdom to the wearer. Citrine is a bright yellow gemstone that symbolizes the sun and its warmth, making it a popular choice for those who seek to bring light into their lives.
December: Blue Topaz
Topaz is considered a mellow, empathic stone that soothes, heals, recharges and re-centers its wearers. Associated with compassion and communication, it's a preferred stone to wear for "building bridges" between people.
In addition to their symbolic meanings, gemstones are also believed to possess healing properties that can benefit the wearer. For example, amethyst is said to alleviate stress and anxiety, while garnet is said to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.

Birthstone jewellery is a type of jewellery that contains a precious or semi-precious gemstone that corresponds to the month of someone's birth. Each month is represented by a unique gemstone that is believed to hold special powers and benefits for those born in that particular month. Birthstone jewellery has been popular for centuries, and it continues to be a meaningful and significant way to celebrate one's birth and personality.
The practice of using birthstones as a symbol of one's identity dates back to ancient times. The first historical record of birthstones comes from the Bible, in the book of Exodus, where Aaron, the high priest of the Israelites, is described as wearing a breastplate adorned with 12 different gemstones, each representing one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Over time, this tradition evolved into assigning a specific gemstone to each month of the year, based on astrological or mystical beliefs.
Wearing birthstone jewellery is thought to bring good luck and positive energy to the wearer. Each gemstone is said to have its unique meaning and properties that can help to enhance one's personality, character, and overall well-being. For example, January's birthstone is garnet, which is believed to promote creativity and positive energy. February's birthstone is amethyst, which is said to provide emotional balance and clarity. March's birthstone is aquamarine, which is believed to enhance courage and self-expression.
In addition to their spiritual and mystical properties, birthstone jewellery is also valued for its aesthetic appeal. The variety of colours, cuts, and settings available for each gemstone makes birthstone jewellery an excellent choice for anyone looking for unique and personalized jewellery. Birthstone jewellery can be worn as a piece of everyday jewellery, or it can be used to mark special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries.
Furthermore, birthstone jewellery is often passed down through generations, making it a cherished family heirloom. Birthstone jewellery can be given as a gift to celebrate a new birth, a special milestone, or simply as a symbol of love and appreciation. It is a gift that holds great sentimental value and can be treasured for years to come.
In conclusion, birthstone jewellery is more than just a piece of jewellery; it is a symbol of one's identity and a celebration of life. It carries both spiritual and aesthetic significance and is valued for its unique meaning and properties. Birthstone jewellery is a great way to show someone that you care, and it is an excellent way to add a personalized touch to your jewellery collection. Whether you wear it for its spiritual benefits, its aesthetic appeal, or its sentimental value, birthstone jewellery will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who wear it.

All of my handmade jewellery uses recycled solid gold and sterling silver.
When it comes to choosing the perfect piece of jewellery, it’s great to consider something that is not only beautiful but also sustainable. One option is by choosing jewellery that has been made from solid recycled gold or sterling silver. Not only does recycled gold and sterling silver reduce the environmental impact of mining, but it also helps to preserve our natural resources, it is just as high quality as newly mined gold and silver.
Recycled gold and sterling silver is an environmentally friendly and socially responsible alternative to mined gold and silver. I purchase my gold and sterling silver from a company that has made the gold or sterling silver into sheet and wire by melting down and purifying existing gold and sterling silver jewellery, coins, and other items. This process conserves natural resources and reduces the negative impacts of gold and silver mining, such as deforestation, habitat destruction, and pollution.
Recycled gold and sterling silver is an excellent choice for those looking to make a more sustainable and socially responsible purchase. It conserves natural resources, has a smaller carbon footprint, supports fair labour practices and is cost-effective. By opting to buy solid gold and sterling silver jewellery made from recycled gold and sterling silver you are making a positive impact on the environment and society.
When choosing your new piece of solid gold or sterling silver jewellery made by hand by me you’ll know that you're making a responsible choice.

Buying handmade jewellery directly from a designer-maker offers many benefits that you won't find in mass-produced jewellery. Firstly, it is unique. Each piece is crafted by me, meaning that no two pieces are exactly alike. This makes my handmade jewellery a special and one-of-a-kind choice that is sure to stand out.
Buying handmade jewellery directly from me is often more personal. I am happy to work with customers to create a custom piece that is tailored to their preferences, which is a great way to create a truly special piece of jewellery. This can also add a sentimental value to the piece, knowing that it is specially crafted for you.
Buying handmade jewellery directly from designer-makers also supports small business and independent artisans. I make my jewellery from home and rely on my craft as a source of income. By purchasing my pieces, you are not only getting a beautiful and unique item, but you are also helping to support a small business and the local economy.
Choosing handmade solid gold and sterling silver jewellery from a jewellery designer-maker such as myself offers many benefits, such as its unique design, high-quality and durability, supporting small businesses and independent artisans, and a more personal experience. By choosing handmade jewellery from a designer-maker, you can rest assured that you are making a responsible and ethical choice that will last for years to come.
Circles are a powerful symbol with a rich history of meaning and significance. They represent unity, infinity, and the cyclical nature of life. In many cultures, circles symbolize the idea of wholeness and completeness, as they have no beginning or end. They also represent the idea of the eternal and the infinite, reminding us that life is a never-ending journey. In spiritual contexts, circles are often associated with the idea of the divine and the spiritual realm, as they are perfect and unbroken. They are also used as symbols of protection and unity, as they have no weak points and are difficult to break. In conclusion, circles hold a deep symbolism and significance, representing unity, infinity, wholeness, completeness, eternal, infinite, the divine, spiritual realm, protection and unity

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