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Solid white gold and diamond handmade hammered texture unique engagement ring

Solid white gold and diamond handmade hammered texture unique engagement ring

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Recycled gold jewellery

All of my handmade jewellery uses recycled solid gold and sterling silver. For more information click here to see my latest journal post.

This stunning solid white gold recycled engagement ring is made by hand by me and includes an ethical round brilliant lab grown diamond.

Individually made and hammered to add a beautiful nature inspired tree bark dimpled distressed texture each ring I make tells a unique story true to the wearer. D section shaped ring width 2mm.

matching wedding ring available: Click here to view

Band width approximately 2mm D section
Diamond 3mm approximately 0.10 ct
Hallmarked according to British standards

Length: 3mm
Width: 3mm
Material: Diamond
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Colour: D
Carat Weight: 0.10ct
Stone Shape: Round
Stone Type: Lab Grown
Clarity: VS
Mohs Hardness: 10
Refractive Index: 2.417
Specific Gravity: 3.5-3.53

Lab grown diamonds are just as real as diamonds mined from the earth. They have exactly the same chemical, physical and optical properties, due to being created from the exact same material (carbon). One is simply grown in a lab and the other grown organically in earth.
Graded D in colour, this diamond is completely colourless to the naked eye and under magnification, with an icy white appearance and no yellow hue present. Diamonds are graded using a D-Z Colour Scale, with a D colour diamond being the highest colour grade available on the market.
Graded VS, which stands for Very Slightly Included, this diamond contains minor inclusions that are difficult to somewhat easy to locate under 10X magnification

* FREE POSTAGE TO THE UK* All measurements are approximate. Every pair of earrings and cufflinks are individually made so are not identical or a duplicate but are complimentary partners. Every piece is made by hand and so will feature ‘imperfections’ that are a sign they have been hand crafted and truly unique. All of my jewellery makes an ideal gift and is lovingly wrapped in a box or gift bag ready for the recipient. The gift wrapping in the photo is representative of how your jewellery will be presented. I only ever purchase small amounts of packing material so time to time it may change according to what is available. I’m not an advocate of unnecessary packaging so try to use recyclable materials as much as possible. 

When it comes to engagement rings, many couples are looking for something that is both modern and timeless. One option that is gaining popularity is 9ct gold handmade modern lab grown diamond engagement rings. These rings offer a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, making them the perfect symbol of your love and commitment.
9ct gold is a popular choice for engagement rings because it is a high-quality metal that is both durable and beautiful. It is also a more affordable option than 18ct gold, making it a great choice for couples on a budget. Handmade engagement rings are special because they are crafted by skilled artisans who take great care to create a unique and one-of-a-kind piece.
Modern lab grown diamonds are a newer option in the world of engagement rings. They are created in a lab setting using advanced technology, rather than mined from the earth. They have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds, but are more ethical and eco-friendly. They are also often more affordable than natural diamonds, making them a great option for couples who want a high-quality diamond at a lower cost.
When you combine 9ct gold, handmade craftsmanship, and modern lab grown diamonds, you get a truly unique and beautiful engagement ring. These rings are perfect for couples who want something that is both contemporary and classic. They are also a great option for those who want to make a statement with their engagement ring. The modern lab grown diamond is an eco-friendly and ethical choice, making it a perfect symbol of your commitment to each other and the planet.
In conclusion, 9ct gold handmade modern lab grown diamond engagement rings are a perfect symbol of love and commitment. They offer a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, making them both modern and timeless. They are also more affordable and eco-friendly than traditional engagement rings. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful engagement ring, consider a 9ct gold handmade modern lab grown diamond engagement ring.

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